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David Knight - Comedy Stage Hypnotist

"Give him a piece of your mind."

Over 3,000 professional shows

Hypnotising over 30,000 volunteers

Star of TV

15 Years professional

David Knight - Stage Hypnotist

As a stage hypnotist David Knight has performed over 3,000 professional stage shows across the UK and Internationally hypnotizing over 30,000 volunteers.

If you are looking for a hypnotic cabaret act for you venue then you have just found one of the most professional stage hypnosis acts in the UK with performances world wide.

"He's a star" - Frank Carson

"Best fun ever and thats no Bull" Jim Bowen

"I laughed so much" - Jerry Hall

"Amazing talant" - Jilly Goolden

"Spooky, very spooky" - Carol Vorderman

"I cannot believe what he made me do on live TV" - Richard Bacon....

At the start of the show volunteers are invited to the stage where David Knight follows a series of hypnotist tests. Once the volunteers have been selected by David Knight the hypnotic process begins. Within minutes you will see your friends transformed into the stars of the show. Hypnotic comedy at its best. The show is suitable for corporate functions, theatre, clubs, leisure parks and private parties. Once the volunteers are Hypnotized the outrageous laughter begins. Stage Hypnosis is always one of the funniest shows around. You will laugh until you cry.

Within minutes of starting the show the volunteers are whisked into a world where reality and fantasy collide. The volunteers become rock stars, musicians, washing machines, pop up toasters, monkeys at the tea party, racing car drivers, Martians, pole dancers, and of course hypno chickens! All this happens within the first few minutes of the show starting. This is probably the funniest Hypnotic comedy show in the UK today. There is one thing for certain, you will be mesmerized! David Knight Comedy Stage Hypnotist - Give him a piece of your mind! As a TV Hypnotist David Knight has appeared on programs and documentaries such as the Big Breakfast, Alien Hand Syndrome, Jerry Halls - Kept, Breakfast Television and the BBC Travel Show. David Knight has worked for the BBC, Endemol, Daisy Beck Productions and Channel 4.

David Knight Comedy Stage Hypnotist is available to help with most TV productions please contact the office for more information. The Buttons to the top left will guide you around the web site.