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Dave Chapman

Dave was a series regular in Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive, which went out this Summer on BBC3. He can  currently be seen in BBC1's The Slammer. Dave wrote and performed over 150 characters on the cult children's show, Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow on BBC1. Hugely versatile, he has a myriad of voices, accents and brilliantly-observed characterisations at his finger-tips. On the comedy review programme ‘Off Your Box' (BBC Choice), Dave performed more than 50 characters over 32 episodes. He's also been in the French and Saunders Christmas special and The Saturday Show on BBC1.

On film, Dave went under three hours of prosthetics for his character in Babylon 5 (Warner Brothers International Television), and he presented Telegantic Megavision for 30 shows (also Warner Brothers International).

Dave has also been a massively-in-demand Master Puppeteer, and his many credits in film and television include The Muppet Treasure Island (Jim Henson Productions), 101 Dalmatians (Disney), What's Up Doc? (Scottish Television), The Poppets (Hewland International /Neal Scanlan Studio), Heroes Of Comedy : Max Miller (Channel 4), The Bird (Channel 4).

His extensive BBC work includes, Time Trumpet, Captain Abercromby, Children in Need, Children's BBC presentation links as ‘Otis the Aardvark', Dear Mr Barker

Dr Who - The Curse of Fatal Death, Fully Booked, Get your Own Back, Gobo and Dipps, Live and Kicking, The Friday Night Armistice, The Generation Game, The Legacy of Reggie Perrin, The Saturday Aardvark, The Tiny and Mr Duke Show, The Wonderful World Of Puppets and Xchange

"Really talented", Alistair McGowan

"Genius", Chris Evans