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Andrew Friseal

Andrew Friseal is an island boy from the Western Isles of Scotland, with a typical sense of island angst of which the like has not been seen since 'The Stornoway Way'. This 21 year old is fresh on the scene with a fresh perspective...mainly from below. His comedy is tinted and twisted by the people and culture of the islands, he argues his opinions and ridiculous ideas of how the world works with a kind of vague antipathy and embittered enjoyment with a heavy dose of what the hellery. 

He has worked on various small time productions in both English and Gaelic, writing, editing and directing.

With Gaelic being such a huge influence in his part of the world, he has decided to bring a new flavour to the table. He is the modern traditionalist with sentimental values which he abhors - among many things - to the highest degree. 

"What good is something bad if it's not worth complaining about?"