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Omar 'The White Sudani' Ramzi

Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Lived in an expat compound (Saudia City represent!!!)

He was always surrounded by very diverse people from every corner of the Earth. So it was like growing up in a kind of bizarre scientific experiment where within the compound the rules and customs of Saudi Arabia didn't apply but just outside those walls was a different world! To mix things up even more his mother is Irish and his father is white Sudanese! So obviously he has lived a very confusing life...(like when the World Cup comes around he never knows which team to support...they all suck! lol) He is one of the first stand up comedians in Saudi Arabia and has been doing shows all over the Kingdom ever since he auditioned with Smile Productions in 2008. He has opened for big names such as Ahmad Ahmad and Maz jobrani from the States and Jeff Mirza from the UK. In comedy he is known as 'WS' the White Sudani. He moved to Egypt and has been performing with Al Hezb el Comedy for about a year now. He has performed with them in many different venues all over Cairo and Alexandria. He was featured with Hezb el Comedy on CNN international. More recently he was one of the finalists on the KitKat Comedy break competition. A reality-tv type show in which comedians from all over the Arab world compete together in Dubai. He also has a passion for producing music of all genres from hiphop,house to rock and everything in between and he has his own fan base when it comes to his music. His goal is to eventually integrate the underground music scene with the comedy to get as much exposure for both. In the music world he is known as OMZ and has collaborated with a number of local underground artists and currently has over 40 songs/beats on his reverbnation profile.