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Keith Collins

For years as a stand-up comic in London, Keith Collins was a regular in London at The Comedy Cafe, Up the Creek, and The Comedy Store and other venues such as Bound and Gagged, Jongleurs, Screaming Blue Murder, The Banana Cabarets, The Aztec Club and The Comedy Store. He moved to the United States, where he became the owner of an Irish pub-restaurant (Donovan's in Galena, Ohio), and a touring comedian of clubs, theaters and colleges throughout the United States. Collins' most recent tour was in New England with The Blue Collar Comedy Tour's Ron White. Collins also owns a small antique shop in Westerville, Ohio.

As a successful touring comedian, Collins has appeared in over 350 venues. Collins' most recent tour was in New England with The Blue Collar Comedy Tour's hugely popular Ron White. He has appeared in theaters and auditoriums in many major American cities including Columbus, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Newport, Providence, Morgantown, Clearwater, Chicago, Lakeside and New York. In 2006 his live audiences exceeded 100,000.

Collins has released three CDs:in The United States

Sheep Thrills in PA
Keith Collins Live at The Boston Orpheum
Are You Still Naked?

Collins first appeared on the stage at The Leeds City Varieties in the late 1960s as a writer performer of two comedy reviews ' While We're At It ' and ' Happiness is a Warm Pussy '. He can occasionally be spotted standing around in various old BBC situation comedies and several movies.

In the 1980s while living in Canada, Collins hosted a radio show, Not the World Service of the BBC. Collins has appeared regularly on TV and radio in England, Canada, and The United States. He is currently working on a television series for the History Channel called The Chamber which will air in March 2008. Collins' production company KCP 31 TV is producing Trash Talks which will air in the summer of 2008.together with a documentary Duch, Duck, Goose.