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Russ Mulligan

Russ Mulligan started doing stand-up comedy in 2012. He is an absurdist, sometimes political, left-field, high energy ranting nut job. In 2013 he won the Birmingham New Act of the Year. In 2014 he took his 45 minute solo show 'Democracy is Broken' to Edinburgh. He regularly MCs nights in Birmingham and Coventry and is very comfortable with any audience.

Review: Black Hole Comedy 22nd January 2015
Finally, Russ Mulligan stormed on stage for a fast and furious 10 minutes that saw him muse on observations, some fully within the audiences grasp – others a little too left of the field, but its weirdness, or any confusion was drowned out by his energetic delivery. Plus absurdist tendencies are the best tendencies. But it was his David Bowie-focused finale that really stuck in the minds of the audience. Mulligan found the golden ticket for comedy bits, which is to come up with a concept that no one has ever thought about before, but will either 1) be 100% relatable, or 2) be 100% true. You’ll have to keep an eye out for him to see it.

The Cube Cinema Bristol February 2015

Komedia Bath March 2014