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Carl Barron

Carl may now be one of Australia's most popular comedians but he is truly an international artiste having performed live and on television in Australia, New York, London, Edinburgh, Montreal and Auckland.

Since winning Comic of the Year and Best Up and Coming Talent in 1993, Carl has performed as headline act for Channel V Foxtel, The Comedy Channel, Amnesty International, Artist Services, Prime TV Comedy Gala, Hey Hey it's Saturday and The Midday Show. However, he's best known in Australia for his many appearances on Channel 9's hit -The Footy Show - approximately thirty times, more than any other comic, including two Grand Final spots at the Capitol and Enmore Theatres.

During November 1999, Carl appeared in four TV Specials - World Cup Comedy - for the Seven Network and BskyB in the UK which featured four of the best comics from Australia up against four British comedians. In January 2000, he made three appearances on the fifth series of UK Gold's Live At Jongleurs.
Sell-out seasons at the 2000 Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne Comedy Festivals lead to an invitation to the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival where he was a huge hit on one of the televised Just For Laughs galas - hosted by Kevin James (The King Of Queens).

Carl is currently negotiating a TV deal in Australia, editing his live video and returns to the UK for four weeks in July 2002.

"Carl Barron of Australia was the highlight of the evening, with wry observations and hysterical bits on sneezing, burping, farting and just plain stuff" The Gazette, Montreal

"They (the audience) were in a state of uncontrollable joy" The Age, Melbourne

"Barron's show was one asthmatic laugh after the other. It's a marvel the packed audiences' has pause for breath - the lady next to me almost required medical assistance" Impress, Melbourne

"The skinny balding master of observational humour" The Sun Herald, Sydney

"….but the one who stole the show was Carl Barron" The Scotsman

"…but the star of the evening is Carl Barron, who has the audience in fits with his resonating observations of common experiences. With a deadpan expression breaking out into gleaming wickedness, this skinny Gandhi-like comedian turns the tables on the mundane, tackling everything from our reactions to stupid questions through to turds with footprints" The Scotsman