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Richard Jay

At 20 stone plus Richard claims to give the very best value on the comedy market - the weight of two comics for the price of one!

Richard may be nearly 60 years old but his outlook can be endearingly childish - it remains to be proven whether this is due to abundant wit and charm, as he claims, or to senility as others feel likely. Either way, time spent in Richard's company can be side-splittingly funny. Presenting his comedy from the perspective of age, 35 years of marriage and several children, Richard can both relate to and ridicule all generations.

All of his material is self-penned and highly original, varying from simple puns and word play through groan inducing one-liners to stories based on his long life experience.
Whilst never "blue", Richard does include references to adult subjects in his sets - because that is (edit: was!) part of his life. His proud boast is that the only F-word he uses is Food!

Richard has worked alongside seasoned professionals for Mirth Control, Oi Oi Comedy and at several "Arts Centre" type venues, as well as doing the usual open mic spots in pubs, clubs, cellars and attics. Recent venues have included a strip club and the waiting room of a disused bus station - the ultimate show-biz dream!

Age appropriate influences include Morecombe and Wise, Les Dawson, John Cleese and all of the Goons. Of today's stars, he'd most like to be Bill Bailey, Terry Alderton or Sean Lock.
(edit: he'd like to be "bigger" than Michael McIntyre but will have to settle for being fatter than Phil Jupitus ever was).

Whilst never winning any comedy awards Richard is consistently successful at making people laugh and was highly commended in the 1961 East Suffolk Life Boys Handwriting Competition.

Based on the South coast of Dorset, Richard will travel anywhere for a good audience and the right opportunity.