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Martin Huxter

Martin "HurlyBurly" Huxter began his adventure into the land of comedy at the age of 5 when his older sister made him watch The Golden Girls. His father died when he was 6 years old but unfortunately x-factor auditions were not an option back then. Three sisters and a mother helped to bring out his sensitive side but didn't suppress his ability to assert himself, usually through playing devils advocate and generally just being argumentative. After graduating from Kingston University in 2004 with a degree in Sociology, Martin decided that despite all the options of how to use his degree (basically become a Sociology teacher), he would move to New York City for 3 months. Whilst in the Big Apple Martin attended the New York Film Academy and completed a course in Screen Writing.

Around this time Martin took on the alias "HurlyBurly" after becoming a huge fan of the film Starring Sean Penn & Kevin Spacey. Sometimes he talks about this in between mentioning his New York apartment, which was the size of a shoe. There was no old lady living there as far as we know.

Returning to the UK with nothing but a confused dialect, Martin went back to work. After deciding he was lacking in material Martin went to Bankrupt in 2007 His mother is very proud. In 2009 Martin began his Stand-up Career and began performing on the circuit across London, Crawley and Horsham. Many have been preoccupied with his striking resemblance to Morrissey, others couldn't actually care.  ""