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Logan Murray

Logan Murray is a cracking comedian who has been everywhere and done everything. He is also a versatile actor, performer and writer…

Over the years, clocked up numerous appearances on shows like 'Packet of Three' (Channel 4), 'London Underground' (USA's Comedy Central), 'Pebble Mill' (BBC 1), 'The Pallbearer's Review' (BBC 2), Channel Four's History of Swearing 'The Greatest ***** Show on TV', 'Jerriatrick', (Channel Four) 'People Like Us' (BBC 2) and Jimmy Perry's radio series 'London Calling'. He's also hosted two kid's TV shows: 'Connect Four' (a quiz show) and 'Virtually Impossible' (a virtual reality game show).

A few years ago he created the monstrously bitter tired old showbiz hack Ronnie Rigsby who has appeared in shows like 'Brain Candy' (BBC 3), 'Comedy Nation' (BBC 2), his own critically acclaimed Edinburgh Show 'Uncle Ron Explains it All' and '"Let's Sort it Out" with Ronnie Rigsby' (Radio 4). As Ron, he is kept pretty busy every Monday night either compering The Fortnight Club or Alternate Mondays Comedy Night (both clubs where established acts get to try out new material.)

Logan is also one half of the infamous '90s double act 'Bib and Bob' with Jerry Sadowitz. They have appeared all over the country at festivals and even had a West End run at the Criterion Theatre. (The Police were called twice and the critics lauded it as the best bad taste show ever.)

He wrote and presented 'Karaoke Fishtank' on Channel Four, a late night pop show where he was allowed to be very bitter and twisted. He's gate crashed the Lord Mayor's Parade as Norman Lamont for 'The Mark Thomas Comedy Project' (Channel Four) and sang 'Je ne Regret Rien' from the back of a truck to five million bewildered viewers.

But his proudest moment in a glittering showbiz career was supplying all the voices for 'The Beano's Dennis the Menace and Gnasher TV Show'.

He is also acknowledged as one of the best Comedy tutors in the country. So much so, that he regularly holds courses in London.

'A Major Comic Talent' -The London Evening Standard
'Suave and unflappable' - The Guardian
'Dashing and Debonair. Stylish and funny' - Time Out
'Logan is lazy and as a consequence finds it difficult to keep up with the other boys' - Mr. Bruce, P.E. Teacher, Danum Grammar