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Isaac Lee

Originally from Wales.... Isaac Lee (a former actor) started comedy late in September 2010.... After a short mentoring session with Anthony King, over the next months Isaac quickly progressed ( with extra courses and private sessions with Logan Murray).

Leaving the ‘open mic 5 spot scene’ quickly behind him, he now does 10, 15 and even 20 min spots. Performing regularly at ENVI (Liverpool) in front of 150+ people, Isaac has also performed in places such as The Manchester Comedy Store, The Frog and Bucket, Nottingham Glee Club, The Comedy Cafe and Up The Creek (London), but is also just as at home at ‘smaller’, ‘friendlier’ venues.  He has on more than several occasions also proved himself to be an excellent MC, both here and abroad (Spain and Germany).

Along with his unusual dress sense (B-Rude-Westwood-Gaultier) and often changing hair colour and styles (currently blonde ‘pattern’ shaved) Isaac’s set has something for everyone.
Skipping from ‘Retro Eighties’ – to ‘modern day times’. ‘Light’ and ‘breezy’ to ‘dark’ and ‘unusual’. Often ending on a ‘show stopping rant’ about Adele and leaving the stage to shouts of more. Isaac’s set is always enjoyed and never forgotten.....

 Up The Creek...Comedian of the year Final  (Nov 24th 2011)
New Comedian of the Year Final (Zuloo Productions)
Should I Stay or Should I Go...Champions Final (Spiky Mike-Funhouse Comedy)
Jokers Joker of the Year semi-final
Amused Moose Laugh Off quarter-final (final 20 in Manchester...achieved after only his 4th ever gig!)

Other Achievements
‘Beat the Frog’ at The Frog and Bucket, both in Manchester and Preston...
As of August 2011, regular ‘10’ spots for Mirth Control...

2011 Festivals
Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Monster Comedy)
Birmingham Comedy Festival (Redlion)
Preston Fringe Festival (One Threw up in The Cuckoo’s Nest)
Reading Comedy Festival (Zuloo Productions)

What the critics have said
“Most humorous ...young man...” Kate Copstick (Chortle seminar)
“The funniest fella...I’ve seen in years...” David Riva – American Magazine critic, film producer (and grandson to Marlene Dietrich)

What the comedians say
“Loved your set...really well written” Jack Whitehall – said after he came outside to “find” Isaac having one of his fag breaks after his performance at The Frog and Bucket (Manchester)
“Loved the ‘Bonfire night/Brighton Bomb’ bit....really clever” Anthony King (2010)
“Amazing...Can’t believe you’re where you’re at...after only such a short time...” Johnny Kats
“REALLY liked it – man” Mickey Sharma
“Whatever ‘it’ is...you’ve got ‘it’...” Logan Murray
“BRILLIANT...” Windsor (MC-Up The Creek)

What the promoters say

"Isaac you were brilliant!.....Really great feedback from the audience about you....."   Will - The Laughing Bear (Maltings Theatre, Berwick)

"Fast witted, self assured, smooth talking...lover boy....Isaac came on last and instantly won over the room. Would happily have him back for a longer set...." creative-cows comedy.

“Isaac...You SMASHED IT yet again...Just let me know when you want to get up there again for  us....Thanks again for ‘filling in’ last minute....” Binty Blair-Hot Water Comedy

“Loved your set....Thanks again for performing....Always pleased to have you back...” Rich and Kaz- Parachute Productions


"Excellent work, they certainly liked you, good material and nice work with the crowd"..... GEOFF WHITING (Mirth Control)