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Del Strain

Fuckin Funny"-Ed Byrne.Brilliant Glaswegian Wit-Ian Collins Talksport Radio..
My Favourite Scottish Comedian-George Galloway Talksport Radio.."Streetwise Edgy Glaswegian"-The Gaurdian.
"Very Funny!"-Dave Gorman..
"Hillarious"-Stand Best of Scottish Edinburgh 2008/09/10
"Pick of the Fringe"-Stand 2008

If energy was what was required for this audience then Del Strain had MC2 by the bucket load. Punchline after punchline was dealt out with gusto, charm and cheek. Del has created a great onstage persona for himself a kinda cross between a Ned a junkie and your lovable smart ass wee brother. You can tell that he is at home on any size of stage..-Scottish Comedian of Year. 2007

The final act of the evening was Glaswegian Hardman Del Strain, our first impressions were “oh my god, he is the father of ‘The Wee Man’” His style, although that of the stereotypical ‘Glesga Ned’ was hilarious and not at all threatening even when he held us all for ransom. Although now living in London I hope he starts returning home to Scotland more and more and that we get the chance to see his full set.-Stand Comedy Review Pick of Fringe 2008