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If you are interested in booking or hiring any of the comedians that are featured on this website please email me at mullaney3@blueyonder.co.uk and I will be happy to pass on your enquiry.


Tim Ewins

Pant shittingly funny! - Bentley@Bentlylaughs
Really incredibly good! - The Comedy Cafe
Beat the London Comedy Store Gong
Winner of several Comedy Gong shows nationwide
Aged 25 Tim Ewins has been working the London comedy circuit extensively with sketches, general whimsy and musical comedy.  Always has the audience in stitches with his musings on wanting to be a dad (and why he probably wouldn't be all that good), embarrasing workmates (and why it will ALWAYS backfire) and the much loved 'Farmer Rap'.
On a professional level Tim;
Performed alongside Jason Mansford, Rhod Gilbert and Patrick Monahan.
Has written sketches for 'The News Review' performed at the Canal Cafe Theatre. http://www.canalcafetheatre.com/EventPage.php?EventId=527
Has performed and co-witten several hour long performances with 'Dirty Pyjamas Theatre Company' at Leicester's Haymarket Theatre and The Centre of Excellence (He did the funny bits)
Ran comedy nights for Greenking Pubs, Rileys snooker halls and universities amoung others. 
Is in that film Bronson... somewhere in the background.
Is funny.