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Sam & Cy

Comedy duo Sam Ball and Cy Henty were thrown together by fate into a small cupboard they shared in Halls of Residence at Manchester University. Occasionally sneaking out to procure a diet of cheap booze and Pot Noodles, they began to formulate what has been described as a ‘Unique style of comedy’.

For a number of years they lived a strange double life by day, Mental Health Professionals, by night, honing their double-act in theatres, clubs and bars.

In action, they are an unmissable experience. The pace never drops, as in the blink of an eye they metamorphosis; dragging an audience helpless with laughter, into a bizarre world where anything could happen.

During their eight-week run at the Canal Café Theatre in October/November 2000 they introduced a devastating array of hilarious characters. The show opened with a revealing look into the world of two touring Evangelists before the audience found themselves in a vocational lecture given by Psychopath Bern entitled ‘A Career Inside’. Infact, it was Bern and his brother Frank’s role-play skills that provided us with an insight in to the surreal experiences of Pensioners Edie and Len, who were seeking inspiration amidst the drudgery of everyday life. Sam & Cy utilise their talent for characterisation to its full comic potential.

Sam & Cy have recently returned from the Edinburgh Festival where they performed their show 'UNHINGED'at the Pleasance. In November 2001 they return to the Canal Cafe Theatre for a further eight-week run.

With such a wealth of diverse material, Sam & Cy appeal to audiences across the spectrum.

'One of the best new acts' - SUNDAY TIMES (Edinburgh Festival 2001)

'Sam & Cy have given notice they will be around for many years to come' - TIME OUT (Edinburgh Festival 2001)