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Roland Gent

Edinburgh Festival and One Man Shows
2014 Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio? Edinburgh Free Festival
2014 Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio? Buxton Fringe
2010 9 to 5 IDIOT Edinburgh Free Fringe
2010 9 to 5 IDIOT Buxton Festival
2009 9 to 5 IDIOT Edinburgh Free Fringe
2008 Bullsh*t TV. Producing for The Northern Monkeys. Edinburgh Festival SELL OUT AWARD
2007 Best Laid Marketing Plans, One Man Show, Edinburgh Festival SELL OUT AWARD
2006 Best Laid Plans. With Martin Cassidy, Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe
2004 Great Big Comedy Picnic, Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe
2003 Great Big Comedy Picnic, Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe

Runner Up - Manchester Irish Comedian of the Year 2007
Winner - Comedy Store Gong Show 2004
Finalist Manchester City Life Comedian of the Year 2004
Finalist Holsten Pils/FHM Comedian of the Year 2004
Winner Fez Comedian of the Year 2000 The Fez- Bath
Winner Murphy's Malarkey Open Mic 1998 Scruffy Murphys -Manchester


Do You Remember Rock N roll Radio?

Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio? is the tale of one man’s ambition to work in radio instead of being highly successful in sales.
Every job has its pitfalls and England’s worst radio station in a high crime area awaits him. Will the presenters listen to a word he says? Will he improve the station before the locals set fire to it? Will the scary children steal everything? Does the Station’s logo look more like Billy The Fish or Rolf Harris?
Hear reminiscences on the history of radio, join in with some of the worst gaffes ever, including the all time classic “Jeremy Hunt”, find out just why do so many newsreaders have weird names and ask yourself, why is there so much bland plastic music about?
Warning; May be found offensive by fans of the X Factor



Appropriately enough the sound of The Ramones’ 1980 hit This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio usher us in to Roland Gent’s show. The 50’s American nostalgia as depicted in the song, though, seems a million miles removed from contemporary community radio, and not just geographically.

Roland Gent tells his autobiographical story as a journey, a journey from darkness into light; from discordant sound to rock ‘n’ roll radio.

A huge, likeable presence, Gent, never makes the mistake of blaming those who turned up for it being a small house. He is an inclusive comic, making sure that everyone is involved and having a good time. Several times he checks that his audience are comfortable with filth; it’s just as well they say ‘yes’ because filth comprises some of his best material. There is unalloyed joy in hearing (once again) the Today programme mispronouncing the name of the then Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt. Gent trumps that with equally hilarious examples from Radios 2 and 5.

Stand up is, quite possibly, the hardest of all the performing arts because it relies on a degree of personal exposure; of establishing an instant relationship and rapport based on your own personality. Thankfully, Roland Gent’s personality is both likeable and very funny; and for all the bluster and swearing you sense there is a genuine empathy with those who have no escape from the depressing Salford estates where the community radio station is based.
What Gent does is create a temporary community out of his audience, and that temporary community celebrate together tiny victories as the Daily Express, Cabinet ministers, and various other powerful institutions are shown up for what they are. We are united in our ridicule; it may not change the world, but it makes us feel better.

So, if you have a spare 45 minutes go and see Roland Gent’s show. He deserves to been seen by more people; this would be electric with a full house. Providing you’re not offended by words that rhyme with sock, duck and hunt, you’ll be in for a liberating and uproariously comical evening.

Incidentally, doesn’t Max Clifford’s Tiny Penis sound like the name of one of those post-punk bands John Peel used to have in session on his show?
Malcolm Lomax

West Midlands Comedy Forum @Roland Gent - the transplanted voice of Indie music was fantastic. Hailing from the posher plains of Salford, Roland's brand of stories and witticisms kept the Bush going...and going. As Manager Dave pointed out, given the opportunity, he'd probably still be going now, to no complaints from the crowd."John Elson, Voodoo Lounge Comedy Club, Stamford

"I thought you were superb Roland, love the stream of verbiage consciousness. Last night was supposed to be the second to last show for this season but one of the audience members enjoyed the club so much he's offered sponsorship. Love to get you back in the future and pay you the money you deserve. Thanks again Roland and good luck with all you do."9 To 5 IDIOT (Buxton fringe)

Nine-to-five office worker, former anarchist who now lives in middle-class suburbia hating the local kids. Roland takes us on his own personal journey as to how he has arrived in Buxton doing stand up.

All original material. There is some terrific interaction with the audience. His encyclopedic knowledge of towns and cities in Britain produced some great one liners to sum up the home towns of his audience. Some of the material was a bit close - which he acknowledged. It was better when he stuck to pointing out some of the advertising clangers that had been made.

All in all we all enjoyed the show and when he declared that he was happier now than he had ever been earning high salaries and driving big cars whilst working in advertising - you could tell!