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Ruth Levy-So

Ruth is a West Country based comedian, and comedy writer .  Always interested in comedy her sometimes inappropriate use of comedy such as at the supermarket, bank or on a train encouraged her to take up stand-up comedy in venues where people actually expect to laugh.

Under an alter-ego of Fanny Haha, she is a mult-ethnic chameleon like character who bases her comedy on her varied and sometimes extreme experiences of life to entertain audiences, often boldly going where no man or woman has before such as into cosmic realms of the universe exposing certain New Age philosophies and practices, touching on religion with her Northern, Jewish upbringing in a Church school, as well as some wry observations on more mundane subjects such as living in The West Country, dating, old age, the celebrity obsessed culture and travelling all of which can make her quite irate.

She talks about medicine, ethics, philosophy and Travelodge. Her comedy heroine is Joan Rivers, and although they are both Jewish, thankfully Ruth is younger and with her own face still. On the plus side Joan is richer and more famous.

She has done several Open Spots for Mirth Control and Laughing Horse clubs and has worked as a compere for some of Mirth Control's West Country clubs. She is a lively and entertaining compere who is good with audiences.

In 2008 Ruth did The Laughing Horse beginners comedy course, followed by the Advanced comedy workshop with Jay Sodagar and Impro training. She has also trained in short workshops with Sarah Millican and Logan Murray and is currently doing the Stand-up comedy career progression training with Chris Head and Geoff Whiting.