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Andy D Chambers

Since breaking into the North East Comedy Scene in Autumn 2011, Andy Chambers has gained a wealth of open-mic experience. His anecdotal and sometimes bitter style generally goes down well amongst mixed audiences. Aside from this, Andy has his own comedy night in Newcastle callled ‘NE1 Comedy’ which gives acts of all different experience levels the chance to perform, Andy compères this evening once a month and the night has a growing following, gathering an average of between 60-90 in the audience. Andy is also a partner in 'Clown's Pocket Presents' (www.clownspocket.com) which currently has three monthly venues in Catterick, North Shields and Ouseburn. Andy has booked and compèred for comedy heavyweights Simon Donald, Lee Kyle, John Scott, Steffen Peddie and Al Dawes. He also beat the gong at the prestigious 'Mr Ben's' gong show in Leeds.

“I was much chuckled by Andy Chambers last night. A lovely opening routine about reviews showed his genuine likeability and warmth. Imagine an Amish teen cramming a lifetime of breakups and drunkeness into Rumspringa, then discovering that he was a natural comic: That’s Andy Chambers.” – Andy Clark, ‘so you think you’re funny’ finalist.

“nobody is supposed to be this good after just 3 gigs. Very funny comedian with bags of potential. Go see.’ (Dated November 2011) – Rob Collins, ”So you think you’re funny’ finalist

-”Funny guy with great stage presence, a natural at building rapport with the crowd” -Paul Brett, winner of Mr Ben’s Gong Show

"Juggling likeability, stage presence and pinpoint acerbic put downs along with - of course - being a bloody funny man to boot, Andy Chambers is a fine example of everything the aspiring 21st century comic ought to be; a hairier Daro O'Briain, if you may.

‘The boy did good’ – John Smith (Long time Comedian/MC at ‘Grinning Idiot’)

“Andy is a top lad with some great jokes and instantly puts an audience at ease with his strong stage presence and laid back style. Expect this man to be seen alot on the circuit this year.
- Rib Ticklers Comedy Club

“Andy Chambers, a confident, straight talking comic an one of the most together MC’s and promoters I have met. Seamless interaction with his audience, a real pleasure to watch.”
- Al C Mcwilliam – ‘Laughing horse’ New act of the year Quarter Finalist.

“…Andy’s comedy night at one of the nicest venues in Newcastle…new compère Andy Chambers getting the crowd warmed up for a very funny night. Acts including Paul Brett and Rory Mcalpine lifted the crowd who where on the good side of auidience interaction. Headliner Al Dawes brought an end to the night with belly laughs aplenty. NE1 will be a mainstay on the Newcastle comedy scene, Andy has a great thing going and if he keeps up this standard he’s on to a winner.” – Rory Mcalpine – Long time MC at the ‘Pandamonium’ comedy night

“Andy Chambers is rate good, he is very tall, and has good personal hygiene” – Liberty Hodes (North East Comedienne/Brian Cox enthusiast/stalker)

“Andy shows great confidence and a wealth of laugh out loud material in his early days on the circuit. Crowds warm to him instantly, definately one to watch…”
- Fran Garrity – Middlesbrough Comedian

“The first show features comedian and promoter Andy Chambers of NE1 Comedy CLub, very much a new force on the comedy scene. Andy himself is relatively new to comedy but takes ownership of the stage with confidence. The night is well run and very good value at £3 entry every month at the very smart Hoochie Coochie. Definitely a club and a promoter / compere to watch.”
- Richard Stephenson Winter – Radio DJ, North East Comedian and author of ‘The Towers’

“A strong stage presence and great audience rapport. Andy D Chambers made us all laugh with his realistic style and friendly manner. He engages the audience and holds them there, like listening to your funniest family member on boxing day, you felt both comfortable and hilariously entertained. But don’t misunderstand this, Andy D Chambers has a sharp barb, which balances his style perfectly”
- Brian Harrison, ’Clown’s Pocket’ Comedy Hub