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Electric Forecast

(Double-act, Dan Wright & Steve Marsh)

"Energetic, surreal, really funny" (Sky One)

Electric Forecast are an exciting and enriching new style of double act - a unique coupling of upbeat physical and observational comedy with slick synchronized interactions. 

Such is their chemistry, that it was only a matter of time before TV spotted their potential. As presenters they excel at live, unscripted entertainment. In 2007 they presented Big Brother's Big Mouth (E4), Crash Test Dummies (Sky 1 , 20 x 30 min series) and Celebrities Uncensored (FIVE , 4 x 60 min series) . Dan also presented the documentary 'F*** Off I'm Ginger' on BBC3. They went on to anchor Nuts TV, presenting 2 hours of live TV, 2 nights a week, followed by their own TV Guide Show on Sky. More recently they filmed their own series “Space Hoppers” for the BBC, which will TX in 2010. 

As actors/writers they recently filmed a sitcom pilot with Hideous Productions and their own sketch show pilot with Sassy Films. The beginning of 2008 saw them co-star in an episode of ‘KINGDOM’ alongside Stephen Fry on ITV1 (they played brothers running rival burger vans). In 2009 Steve played Zac Diamond in Ken Loach’s movie 'Looking for Eric‘ and co-starred in Jimmy McGovern's award-winning “The Street”, BBC1 (episode 4).

Electric Forecast have also presented and starred in their own evening sports show 'Fanzone' on SKY and hosted 'TV Land', a quiz show on Nation 217. On Cbeebies the versatile pair is best known and loved as ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ - which has gained a cult following amongst adults too. 

As well as working together, Dan & Steve have individually written and acted in a range of TV shows. Follow the links to the left for full detail

Television includes:
Space Hoppers BBC 2/CBBC to TX 2010
Sky's Daily TV Guide 2008 & 2009
Hotel Trubble (guest lead actors) BBC 1, 2009
Kingdom, ITV 1,(guest lead) 2008
Boxwars (pilot) ITV2 (presenters) 2008
Nuts TV (live presenting every Mon & Fri night) 2007/2008
Will Cook For Food (sitcom pilot) with Jones The Film, 2008
Game show pilot (presenters) for Somethin' Else Productions , 2007

Big Brother’s Big Mouth (presenters) 10th - 13th July 2007
Crash Test Dummies (1 series) Sky One, 2007
Celebrities Uncensored (1 series) FIVE, 2007
Bafta Red Carpet Show with Ruby Wax, E! 2007/2008
F… Off I’m Ginger (presented by Dan) BBC 3, 2007
Codex idents, 2006
Greatest Bitchiest Moments, 2006
X Box 360 Commercial (voice over ) - cinema & TV release 2006
Big Cook, Little Cook, CBBC, 2005/2006/2007
Crash Test Dummies, Sky TV (Pilot) 2005
Betfair idents for the Cricket Test Matches, Channel 4, 2005
Worlds 10 Biggest Sex Icons, E4 2005
Before They Were Mingers, Sky One 2005
After They Were Mingers, Sky One 2005
That’s So Last Week, Channel 5, 2005
Celebrity Punch-Ups of 2004, E4, 2005
Hollyoaks (Steve played the role of Bob) 3 episodes, Channel 4 2004
Yorkie Bar adverts 2004
Sky Sports idents 2004
Dan and Dusty, ITV 1 2004
TV Land, SKY, Channel 217, 2004
Big Cook, Little Cook, BBC 2004
Fanzone, SKY, Nation 217, 2004
Backchat, SKY, Nation 217, 2004
Millionaire Hoax SKY ONE (Steve) 2004
Court Room C4 (Dan) 2004
RI:SE C4, 2003
MTV, 2003
'Pure Soap' BBC3, 2003
'Pilau Talk' ITV (Anglia) 2003
Takeover TV, C4, 2002

Radio includes:
What Makes us Laugh (1hour panel show) BBC Radio 5, 2007 (Steve only)
Big Toe Radio (reading children's story books) BBC Radio 7, 2007 (Steve only)
Sandi Toksvig Show (Jenny Éclair presenting), LBC (Steve only)
The Apprentice, BBC Radio 5, 2007 (Dan only) 
I’m An Alien, BBC Radio 7, 2006