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Robert Allwood

Robert Allwood did Tony Allen's stand-up course after already performing for some time in film, TV, theatre and spoken word. He supported himself for several years with a droll street act. Although incredibly good-looking, intelligent and intuitive, he feels he has generally been awarded the nasty end of life's stick.

His previous gigs include Tony Allen's Performance Club, Bohemian Voices, Rhythm Factory, Klinker, Toynbee Hall.

He could previously be seen in Lorimar's TV show Dark Justice, Spanish TV show Oh! Europa, Mummy Autopsy for Atlantic on the Discovery Channel, and Seconds from Disaster: Kings Cross for Darlow Smithson on the National Geographic Channel. And he was a nurse carrying a stretcher in the 118 118 Rocky ad.

He also appeared in the films Because of the War, as a completely yellow post-apocalyptic presenter, and Delivery, as a burnt out restaurant boss. Plus Helsinki Napoli All Night Long directed by Mika Kaurismaki, Castell de Ferro, Essayette, La Febre d'Or, Revolver, Depizza depizza, and See it Through.

In the play Chronic Delirium Tremens he was the presenter Gordon Fitzgerald and Sister Sufferings (barefoot, dragging chains and in a ridiculous nun's headdress). He had three roles in Comedy of Errors at the Edinburgh Festival. He was in Scene 13: get stuffed at the Arcola, Dalston. He performed in the dark, also at the Edinburgh Festival, in Harold Pinter's Victoria Station, coming on in flippers and a snorkel ("imaginative production, a really different experience even for Edinburgh and well worth slotting into the busiest schedule" British Theatre Guide, "thought provoking and cleverly presented. If you like theatre of the absurd, you will love this show" Three Weeks). He played Johnny Bong, Robbie Soft, Bow Bell Glidey, Red Squirrel and other colourful characters in Picaresque, about a homeless hostel.
He was the unsuitable suitor Thomas Diafoirus in a slapstick Molière, The Imaginary Invalid.

He has also appeared in Pieces Of People by Gary Stevens at the Henry Moore Sculpture Park, The Fire Raisers at Battersea Arts Centre, Me and Billy Joe McAllister ("funny and touching", Sutton Guardian), Scrooge! at Chats Palace, using masks and puppets, as the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz, and at the Leeds City Varieties.

He knows Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Catalan and Italian.