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Sacha Distilled

`Real originality and highly entertaining’   -    The Stage

Sacha Distilled is a French comedian and singer…he performs with a guitar and his act consists of stand-up, songs and interaction with the audience. Audiences love to hear his
delivery in French and English.

Sacha’ s stand-up and songs focus on the French, the English and the differences between them…his songs include `Why Can’t You Be Like Us French?’, `On fait l’amour’ and
`Vive La France’…his stand-up material includes routines on French wine, the Olympics Games in London which should have been in France and a French lesson with its translation
In `street’ English…

Although based in Paris, Sacha spends much of his time in the UK..not because he likes the weather, food, beer, cricket, or driving on the left, but because he finds British women irresistable…

To hear some of Sacha’s songs and to see him in action, just visit www.geoffcottonsongs.com

Sacha has performed recently at: Downstairs at The King’s Head, London, Lion’s Den Comedy Club, London, Electric Mouse Comedy Club, London,  Finger In The Pie, London,
The Old Red Lion Theatre, London, Volupté, London, The Artival Festival, London, The Battersea Barge, London, Cheese and Crackers, London, Llaugh at Chez Manny, London,
The Bedford Park Fringe Festival, London, Comedy at The Tabard, London, and Upstage London