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Danny Posthill

Danny Posthill has been making people laugh since the age of 16 after being talked into doing impressions at a school talent show, since discovering his passion for comedy Danny has never looked back. With brilliant observations and a string of impressions, such as Michael Mcintyre, Donald trump, Nigel Farage and Dianne Abbot, which shows the variety within his vast range of voices, and up the the minute material.

Danny performs at most clubs on the circuit, as well as many corporate events around the world.

 Danny has some impressive TV Credentials, such as being a Britain’s Got Talent as a finalist in 2015. He also made an appearance on Pointless Celebrities along with Alastair Mcgowan, Rory Bremner and Jon Culshaw, and most recently Danny was in a rap battle as Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton for sky news. Danny has had many a run in with a couple of Politicians, with his Trump impression, where he performed a Publicity Stunt as the Donald, and Surprised Donald’s old friend Alec Salmond, along with David Davis, which went viral.

One of the best crowd pleasers on the circuit, Danny is an excellent Comedian as well as a Top Class Impressionist - Rip Roar Comedy Club Bristol

One of the best impressionists doing stand up ive seen apart from me of course - Alastair Mcgowan

What you do is so difficult and you make it look so easy - Alecia Dixon

What is there to say it was just brilliantly funny its always great to see impressionists who do people other people don’t do - David Walliams