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Paul Parry

Paul Parry is a documentary comedian. He hates people misusing the word literally. And has a snappy line in graphs, videos of successful competitive eating competitions, and punchlines involving Swiss-made triangular choco-nougat bars. And he can hold a candle to Rhod Gilbert, Bill Bailey, Mark Watson, Rich Hall, et al – and he can prove it. Go see him. Or catch his book in 2009.

Some Reviews for Literally, (Edinburgh Festival show, August 2008)


“a lovely hour... Parry is an amiable stage presence, self-deprecating but smart. His mini-travelogue taking him from A to B by tandem was fascinating as well as funny. Parry's point is a good one, cleverly and humorously made. He ends his show with the audience (well, one member of it) literally eating out of his hand and, I hope, thinking twice about they way they use language in future.


“deadpan but wonderfully affable...... He may literally be one of the best new comedians at this year’s Fringe.... a delightfully original show.”

THE LIST – êêêê

“smart, dry humour and Viz-style subversive pedantry combine with his Gormanesque tales of an eccentric, unpredictable and far-flung journey just to prove a point.”


“The fact that everything is delivered in a very deadpan, unexcited manner adds significantly to the hilarity. If you want something really entertaining and different, hilarious and thought-provoking, which brings home the ridiculous ways we use language, get along to Paul Parry's show. Strongly recommended!”