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Adrian Doughty

Its been a strange winding road since 1995 reassertion saw ukcomidean Adrian Doughty  facing the challenge of how to beat the 17% interest rates facing the country, in particular how to keep the homeless hostel for the 25 homeless  vulnerable folk . That were looking at him asking if it was all going to be ok!

On a night out helping with a mobile bar Adrian was to find the spot light of show business found him all be it as it turned out like a scene out of the successful award winning movie The Full Monty, As hundreds of girls showered there encouragement,  The mould was cast and a new journey was well and truly set.

It was not long before the successful world famous comedy act the naked balloon dancers the oddballs , originally finding fame on the early days of Chris Tarrent Tiswas, Des 'O' Connor,onto East enders Bianca's hen night. Asked Adrian to join them touring with the successful Jim Davidson adult Sinderella in theatre up and down the country.

By the start of the millennium other comedy  curators started to emerge in particular Adrian characterisation of the lovable caricature from the much loved film Mrs Doughtfire, soon adding Dame Edna tribute ,since then the list is endless , Gomez, Adams Family , Dads Army Corporal Pike.

So its no surprise that Trouble TV nominated Adrian Doughty's most embarrassing parents when they surprised him on a gig live on stage , The national comedy awards was calling although piped to the post by respected Billy Hunter comedy coffin routine. Adrian quick to point out that he wouldn't have missed the experience for the world as it was this fate that found him with a privete
audience with the late all time greats Sir Norman Wisdom .

Although you will find Adrian up to his neck with verirs charity commitments from the British Force foundation, children with ADHD , Dave lees Happy holidays children.

In truth his hart lies in his stand up . Its here that his years of as he puts it entertaining taxi drivers in a fish chip shop to the east end gangsters in pub shows .Then back to the corporate circuit .

As UK comedian Adrian Doughty explains comedy is comedy it's funny or it's not and i would say there isn't a comedian alive that will not say it's a one horse race, get it wrong and you know you certainly don't need some self appointed critic to tell you . I have entertained deaf and dumb, to a room full of folk in wheel chairs to our hero soldiers just back from Afghanistan and had some of the most outrageous fun gigs you could imagine. Enough to turn the PC brigade white! But that's the difference these are real folk with real day to day reality's if you are to help them to forget there challenges then you must be prepared to go out on a limb , for give the pun! A soldier sitting feeling guilty he is alive when he has just left his fellow comrade dead on a battle field. Is a tough call but when all these folk come up and thank you for showing them that they can carry on with life! Not only is it humbling beyond measure, In a word it's priceless!

Having covered all the above and a audience of two thousand singing happy Birthday to my mum in the royal box on Sunday night at the London Palladium is with out doubt the highlight to this journey to date. not to mention supporting Joe Longthorne . With the comedian comedian Jonny Cassons

In the mean time Adrian is behind the first gay life style Polari.TV channel with his own Piers Morgan meets the one show straight man in a gay world.