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Sam Randall

Sam is the organiser and MC of up-and-coming comedy night,  The Joke Room, based at The Oak Room in Tiverton.  As MC she also performs regular 10-minute sets each month and is building up an impressive bank of material.  Sam is 40-something, happily married and an unashamed geek.

As well as performing stand-up Sam also brings her love of cosplay to her comedy by performing as a character based on Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.  This character has appeared several times at The Oak Room, including: a short film advertising events at The Oak Room, a Christmas Cosplay Cabaret, a 10-minute  “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” lecture and in “Fangirl Confessions” a work-in-progress show that celebrates the infectious enthusiasm of the fangirl.

One of Sam’s proudest moments was being called “awesome” by actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick on the show. 

Sam is a joyful, experimental comic who has been known to make up material on the spot.  She is not afraid of making jokes about subjects personal to her and often refers to her own experiences with mental health, weight and gender identity issues.

After six months of performing at The Joke Room, Sam is now looking to venture out to gigs further in the South West.  She can MC, perform stand-up, perform the “Fangirl Confessions” show, or bring her character along for a talk on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.