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McNeil and Pamphilon

"Just when it looked like the sketch show might be eating itself to a  slow, agonising death...along comes Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon to  stick a hot poker into its dying carcass and kickstart the whole  shebang." THE LIST


McNeil and Pamphilon's debut Edinburgh show played to sell-out  audiences at the Pleasance Dome in 2010, and received critical acclaim  for their "high standard of innovation and comic writing" (The List)  and "outstanding comic abilities" (Broadway Baby). "This hugely  enjoyable duo" (Three Weeks) currently host a residency at The Albany  in London which has been recommended by both Spoonfed and London Is  Funny, and chosen as Critic's Choice in Time Out.

Jongleurs - Battersea
Pleasance - Islington and Edinburgh (Dome and Courtyard)
Gilded Balloon - Edinburgh (150+)
Leicester Square Theatre - Main space (200+) and basement
Various sketch comedy venues: Lowdown at the Albany. The Hen and  Chickens, Stockwell Arms, Bar Kick, Laughing Horse, Amused Moose etc


You may have seen one or the other of them in (amongst other things):
- COMEDY CUTS, Series 2 and 3, ITV
- Brendon Burns' 2007 if.comedy Award-Winning show
- and various 'normal' tv stuff like Holby City (BBC) and Stockwell (ITV).

Steve replaced Rik Mayall at short notice to play the lead role of  Skinner in The Peter Hall Company production of "Balmoral" and Sam  played the male lead in the short comedy, "Can We Talk?", which won an  Honourable Mention Award at the Sundance Film Festival. They both  performed in Phil Nichol's Comedians Theatre Company's "Itch: A  Scratch Event" at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


FINALISTS: 2011 'Hackney Empire' New Act of the Year Competition
2009 Leicester Square Theatre Sitcom Trials - Winners, Grand Final
2010 So You Think You're Funny Semi-Finalists


"It?s sketch comedy with a very dark edge...a mix of the kind of  friendly, whimsical humour beloved of many an Oxbridge sketch troupe and the PC-skirting risk addiction associated with standups like  Brendon Burns." FEST

The characters in each skit combine well in a succession of cleverly  constructed sketches. All the way through, full use is made of the  actors' outstanding comic abilities. It starts well and builds  strongly so, despite the title, there's no danger in seeing this show  - you're guaranteed an hour of teatime laughter." BROADWAY BABY

"[They] have a subtle comic chemistry flowing between them that many  acts take several Fringes to achieve. The sketches themselves maintain  an unusually high standard of innovation and comic writing. The  opening segment of a governmental underling stumbling into a cabinet  office meeting which is a front for assassination sets the tone  starkly from the off while glorious surrealist fancies take flight as  the hour draws in." THE LIST

They tackle a number of taboo topics - Jesus, terrorism, rape, race -  but always in a disarmingly good-natured way. Their jokes about form (as in the catchy ditty 'We're Writing a Comedy Song') are clever  whilst remaining accessible. It's a mark of confidence not to crave  the constant validation of laugh after laugh, and it is in the  longer-drawn out sketches, such as the game of 'Name that Film', that  this hugely enjoyable duo reveal their comedic maturity. THREE WEEKS