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Bunstan McFunkstan

A very fine boarding school education at the Oratory School in Berkshire. Indulged in anarchy and other pretentious vice, learned to un-tune the guitar, and performed on a pirate radio station for 3 months. Wrote, performed and edited a number of short films in University, graduated in 1997 with a Degree in Multimedia Design. Wrote four 10 minute video dramas which were filmed and produced, acted in 6 documentaries and dramas. Moved to Denmark the same year and worked as a creative for Bang & Olufsen and was heavily involved in the development of mp3 and digital imagery. Moved back to UK to set up Crisp Interactive Media in 2001. Moved to Glasgow in 2003, to lecture in Audio Engineering, producing radio shows for community groups throughout the East End. Currently working with SEN and BESD children in mainstream education.

September 2000 - Holstebro Rugby Klub, Sportsvej, Holstebro, Denmark,.
2001/2002 - Fortnightly Resident/Compere @ Iguana Bar, Reading
2002 - Compere, White Elephant, Croydon
2002 - Corporate gig, Skandia International, Southampton
2004 - "The Goat" @ Archies Bar, Glasgow.
2004/2005 - 2hr weekly radio show on www.EEIB.org, Glasgow
2006/2007 - Performing regularly at The Stand, The Ivory, The Free Fringe, Glasgow & Edinburgh

2008 - Frog & Bucket Comedy Club, Manchester

2008 - Compere D.A.M Fine Comedy, Gramofon Restaurant, King St Glasgow

2009 - living in France

2010/2012 - Fail or Float, The Arts House, The Old Edinburgh, No.51, Golden Lion, Ujima FM and various open mic nights

2013 - Fatherhood
2014 - to be continued

2015 - growing moss - https://youtu.be/AAHIUE9BpAY
2016 - selling art - https://youtu.be/8b84cNH7tDk
2017 - OneLove Animated Film exhibited at Bristol BlueScreen Festival - https://youtu.be/_lrlJPb_iiA
2017 - The Infamous White Harte gig - https://youtu.be/UWSePtnLwWI
2018 - Sexy Love Healing - https://youtu.be/5YALb34b8E0
2019 - launches bristolgotlove for paper mache arts and street art - https://youtu.be/dz5zdfBDez0
2019 - The Joys of Teachings - https://youtu.be/gOVlGMsatJQ
2020 - Winning the Sauced N Da City Show twice!!! - https://youtu.be/NEKmSibpk90
2021 - Launching the Bristol Biennale Comedy Art Auction https://youtu.be/Q_HC5lgL_eE

Currently known as ComedyJon on various social media, whereabouts unknown x