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Buzz Newman

Buzz Newman turned 70 this year. After 48 years (!) as a successful film and TV producer responsible for such varied fare as Riverdance, the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) and too many documentaries and dramas to list, he has started performing stand-up. 

Having been married 3 times, with 3 children (2 of whom no longer ask him for money), and having lived in 3 countries,- Canada, USA and the UK - he has a lot to talk about. His act is full of the detritus of a long and eventful life - love, sex, death, kids and money. 

With his north American charm, Jewish wit and enjoyment of the finer things in life Buzz is an uplifting raconteur who, with old age looming, has thrown himself into stand-up while he can still stand up.

Various Shows
Buzz Newman Faces Death and Likes What He Sees

What Bungling God Invented the Prostate Gland

Sex and Drugs, the Icing on the Cake

Jewish Jokes: Humour From Adversity

Buzz Newman’s “Old Sex” Show