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Ken Normal

Ken Normal is that rarest of beasts — no, not a Dodo — a bank manager with personality. Well, he’s an ex-bank manager now, following a Head Office review of his act.

He ran away from the NatWest bank in 1999 and took to the stage of He Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End in August 2000 in a two-man comedy review. Of course, anyone who had anything to do with comedy was, at the time, in Edinburgh a fact that explains why he was The Evening Standard’s “Hot Tip of the Week” …and probably why he wasn’t discovered. This in turn explains why you’ve never heard of him. He now pursues a living as a sign-writer - not bad for a dyslexic - he’s Chipping Norton’s most legible batchelor.

Ken dumped his double-act partner allowing him to halve his fee, sleep alone and not have to remember when to come in with his lines.

Hard to believe it now but this Harold Bishop look-a-like once weighed just 6lb 9oz.