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Andy Askins

"Dark humour with faultless timing" The Stage

"An awful lot of charm. Although he looks mild-mannered and studious, he actually packs a wry, cheeky wit. There is, most definitely, something warmly alluring about him. His winning persona goes a long way…between the songs, the charming banter works well." Chortle

Andy Askins is a diminutive figure who exudes an air of vulnerability and an innocent child-like quality as he steps up to the microphone armed with a guitar and a cheeky grin. It's an overwhelmingly misleading demeanour which serves to heighten the impact of the killer lines that he delivers.

Andy has an expertly crafted routine littered with an eclectic mix of offbeat comic songs and parodies. A talented musician with a captivating voice, popular songs have been re-written and given a perverse twist to tremendous comic effect. His repertoire includes a unique version of Dido's "Thank you" - a hilarious account of his sour marriage in which he paints a picture of himself as a long-suffering brow-beaten spouse who finally snaps and pushes his cheating wife out of a ten story high window - her fall broken by a Mr Whippy Van parked outside.

With a wickedly dry sense of humour, Andy's darker material is sweetened by his innocent and impish demeanour which never fails to leave audiences in the palm of his hand. With impeccable timing, the inventive and quirky songs are peppered with inspired patter - the material is as strong as the songs and delivered in an inimitable modest and self-deprecating style.

His subject matter is wide ranging; from his many bizarre relationships: "Some of them with humans" to an unfortunate mix-up over a colostomy bag with a Columbian drug baron in Miami docks. The routine ends with a hilarious rendition of Sting's 'Message in A Bottle' in which Andy recounts a weekend in Amsterdam with unfortunate but hilarious repercussions.

A relative newcomer to the alternative comedy scene, Andy is nonetheless an accomplished performer who has spent the past 15 years travelling the world as a professional musician. His debut at The Comedy Store was an overwhelming success; Andy proved to be a natural comedy performer and in an unprecedented move by the Store, he was immediately invited back to perform for full weekends and now performs regularly at The Comedy Store in both London and Manchester aswell as at Jongleurs venues nationwide. He was also recently invited to join Dave Spikey as a special guest during his nationwide tour.

Originally from the North East of England, Andy is now based on the Isle of Wight where he lives with his wife and children. He is available for corporate events - and with a routine that is universally funny - and unusually clean, Andy's act is particularly suited to corporate audiences. He has just recorded "The World Stands Up" for Paramount TV and is currently working on several original ideas for TV and Radio.