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Mark Trenwith

"About half a packed Rhino Room gave Trenwith a standing ovation.."  -The Advertiser 2009 

Mark is odd. This is why he got into comedy.

His physical, colorful style has seen him earn many roles film and TV in Australia including ABCTV's "Being Me."

Absurd, edgy and innovative, Mark's multimedia brand of comedy will put you in the mood to tap dance. 

Mark began his comedy career while completing his Bachelor of Creative Arts at Flinders University.

Majoring in Screen Studies, Mark wrote and directed a number of short films including the 2001 Artery award winning 'Pad Thai.'

After graduating in 2003 Mark went straight into a number of on screen roles including Australian drama 'Peaches' starring Hugo Weaving and two series for the ABC, "Like It Is" and "Being Me." 

During this time Mark developed a reputation in Australia for edgy comedy, centered around multimedia and public stunts.

Mark also continued to work in children's entertainment, most recently with Mighty Good Productions, ESP Traveling Showman and ventriloquist Lindi Jane.

He has performed solo shows in the last three Adelaide Fringe festivals with 'Be My Friend' (2007) 'Danger' (2008) and 'Express'(2009)and performed a reworking of 'Be My Friend' for his debut season at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2009. 

His edgy public stunt, multimedia style is fast making him a talent to keep an eye out for. 'Genius..one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.'dB Magazine.

"Well thought out and funny without relying on swearing. He's just really clever and has a natural sense of humor"- The Independent Weekly. 

Mark's career has continued to rise with stints in New York City and his up and coming debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2009.

In Business Commercial 2009
Optus 180 Commercial 2008
Phoenix Society Commercial 2008
Gimme Shelter 2007
The 3rd Degree- Channel 31 2006
Peaches- Peach Films 2005
Sam Macs Single Bed- C31 2005
Being Me- ABC TV 2004
Like It Is- ABC TV 2003

Punchline- Country Arts 2009
Be My Friend Melb Comedy Fest 2009
Express Melb Com Fest 2009
The Gum Tree Fairies 2008
Where's The Best Engine? 2008 
Danger - Adelaide Fringe 2008
Rob Hunter Is Shoes Melb Comedy Fest 2008
Snapps Kakadu Club- Snappy Productions 2007
Be My Friend Adelaide Fringe 2007
Best of Adelaide - Melbourne Comedy Festival 2006 
Give Us A Hug- Adelaide Fringe 2006
Good Times- Adelaide Fringe 2004
Great Southern Land- Rockola 2003
Sweet Love of Cheese- Fringe 2002
Murder on the Orient Express- NTC 2001
The Umpire Strikes Back- Legend Theatre 2000

Express Adelaide Fringe 2009
Danger Adelaide Fringe 2008
Be My Friend - Adelaide Fringe 2007
Give Us A Hug- Adelaide Fringe 2006
Sam Macs Single Bed- C31 2005
Being Me- ABC TV 2004
Good Times- Adelaide Fringe 2004
Like It Is- ABC TV 2003
Sweet Love of Cheese- Fringe 2002