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Fresh Air Radio: 'If Eminem is king of rap, then Wisebowm is king of the parody'.

Fringe Guru: •••• 'Steve Whiteley’s largely hit the nail on the head with Wisebowm, a genuine character, and a great frame for his lyrical performances. This is a warm, funny and relevant urban yarn, with a big, baseball-cap-wearing, rhyme-spitting heart'.

The British Comedy Guide: 'One of the pioneers of the new wave of online comedy'.

Urban poet Wisebowm takes lyrical journeys through his life struggles. It's not easy being well deep, well intelligent and well well humble all at the same time, but someone has to do it. Covering important topics such as his addiction to gluten, it's no surprise that Wisebowm is on his way to becoming a global urban poet superstar. He loves his fans almost as much as he loves himself.

Wisebowm is performed by YouTuber and character comedian Steve Whiteley (known as Offkey Steve). He began doing stand up in April 2016 and after winning 4 consecutive open mic competitions, he decided to take his debut show to Edinburgh Fringe, which received 4 stars from Fringe Guru. In September 2016 he was booked for his first professional gig, opening for Stewart Lee at the Ivy House.

In addition to performing at numerous open mic nights, Wisebowm has performed at the following professional gigs:

Pull The Other One - Martin Soan's night
Martin Soan's new material night.
Hampstead Comedy Club - Ivor Dembina's night

Radio work:

Breakfast show presenter on The Beat London 103.6fm
Current voice of Spotify UK.

Wisebowm is New Jewish Comedian Of The Year Finalist and has won the following open mic competitions:

2016 Winner Of:
Rising Star Comedy Club
Comedy Virgins
Shambles Comedy
Memoirs of A Geezer Stand Up Competition