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Mark Pengilly

1982-present: National and International circuits
 1985  Adelaide Fringe Festival
 1989  Hilton Comedy Club: supports for Jeff Stilson, Alan Havey, Richard Stubbs.
        "Nightmare on Smith Street" (Last Laugh, Melbourne)
 1992  N.Y.C. and New York State 12 month tour
 1995  "And thanks for coming to my 21st" Melbourne Comedy Festival
 1995  "Two on the floor" New Zealand Comedy Festival
 1996  N.Y.C. and New York State...return tour
 2000  "Brian Munich and friends" Melbourne Fringe Festival
 2001  "Brian Munich and friends" Melbourne Comedy Festival
         ( winner of both Age Critics' and Industry "Barry" awards)

1986  Ch. 10 "Starsearch" 5 performances...Grand Finalist
 1991  Ch.7 "Tonight Live"
 1992  "Wise Guys Tonight" and "Rascals Comedy Hour" (USA)
1994  Ch. 9 "Midday Show" (3 performances)
 1995  Ch.31 "Under Melbourne Tonight"
 1995  Ch. 7 "Australia's Funniest People" (Grand Finalist)
 2000  Ch. 31 "Brian Munich and friends" (7 episodes)
 2001- Ch 31 "Champagne Comedy" numerous performances

1985  "Your Radio is on the brink" 3PBS (PATER AWARD WINNER)
1983  "10 Legs Comedy"
 1986  "Eastwood Central"
 1986  "Hazcom"
 1994  "3 guys called Ron"
 1994  "Monash Law Review"
 1995  "Aaargh! Miss Itchy"
 1995  "2 on the floor" (New Zealand Comedy Festival)

"Innovative,deadpan, bizarre, clean, clever,word wizard" and song parodies.