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Dimitri Bakanov

“Dark, charming and never far from a quality punchline” - Mike Manera, Piccadilly Comedy Club

"Dimitri has a wealth of excellent material and is a clever writer with some of the best gags out there..." - Geoff Whiting, Mirth Control

Dimitri is fast proving an audience favourite with his honest, sharp and sometimes dark humour.

He has quickly established himself as one to watch - in his first year he reached the finals of both the Leicester Square Theatre New Act competition and the Laughing Horse New Act competition. Dimitri is currently performing in clubs all over the country to a great reception.

Leicester Square Theatre New Act of the Year 2014 - Finalist
Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2015 - Finalist
So You Think You're Funny 2015 - Semi-finalist
Amused Moose Laugh Off 2015 - Semi-finalist