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Mel Higgins

Mel begun gigging in 2013; debuting in her first show, starting with 10 minutes of stories of growing up and learning the complexity of ‘rude’ words. As a member of the University of Gloucestershire’s Comedy Society, she rose quickly to become president of the society within a year.

Mel comfortably fills 10 minute spots. She can easily hold the attention of any audience, no matter what size; big or small, or the level of inebriation the audience holds.

She offers interesting, yet easy to understand takes on growing up, silly stories and frustrations, and generally rude jokes which appeal to various audiences.

Mel has guest starred on radio shows on Tone Radio (University of Gloucestershire’s Student Union Radio) during shows such as “It’s not Rocket Science” for their comedy quiz and appeared on “The Alt Show” as a stand-in presenter.

Mel is currently Cheltenham based, but looking to expand her reach, especially for University based comedy nights.

-Comments about Mel-

Fantastic and funny, Mel gives a fantastic view of life which transcends any and all boundaries. Mel has an amazing ability to joke about anything, whilst all the time staying fabulously loveable and sweet.” - Callum Ilott - Cheltenham based stand-up comedian

Mel’s set was awesomely funny, with some secretion that had even the hardest of rugby players crying with laughter!” ~ Mr Cunningham Event Organiser and Promotor for The University of Gloucestershire’s Rugby Football Club Charity ‘Tash Bash'