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Loz Vieux

Loz began performing Comedy upon realizing his great passion for performing aurally on large groups of people. Raised in Melbourne, Seasoned in Montreal & currently Marinating in London, Loz has been weaving an intricate web of hilarious lies. Tethering the unpredictable & the risqu with well-crafted wordplay - one can expect to be seduced by his infectious personality and relentless wit.

Actual info about me;
I am a French/Australian comic. 34yrs of age. I am also an A-gendered, Transvestite (but this is not relevant to my act).

I have been performing comedy professionally for 7 years now; In Australia (Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane), Canada (Montreal & Ottawa), USA (Baltimore) & now the UK (Greater London & Edinburgh Fringe). I moved to London permanently in June, and I'm now performing 5 nights per week on average, with regular paid shows.

My biggest influences are Jimmy Carr, Stephen Fry & Rowan Atkinson.

My style is rather dry and relaxed, with a mixture of one-liners and slightly longer "garden path" jokes. I often employ wordplay and misdirection as my favoured mechanisms. I am now just over 540 shows deep.