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Matt Duwell

Matt Duwell is a Brighton born comedian who now resides in East London who started performing comedy regularly in the dark winter of 2014. He is an 'excessively confessional' (Broadway baby) observational comedian who combines tales of his general inability at being an adult with a strong political/ satirical commentary about the world. He is comfortable performing to any type of audience as long as his mother is not in it. He has performed all over the country, is an experienced MC and he runs 2 nights in London of which he regularly MC's. In 2015 he took his first show to Edinburgh called 'Nocturnal Sunshine of their Spotless Minds' and is preparing a show for 2016. Expect jokes about Angel Delight, feminism, and his stupid name as well as punchlines such as 'socially responsible' and 'progressive policies about education'.

'flashes of ingenuity' Broadway Baby

'Good material' One4Review

'Matt is immediately likeable and his carefully crafted set, full of wit and intelligence mixed with dark and surreal humour, takes the audience on an increasingly scary comedy roller coaster' Honest Comedy Comedy Club