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Full Frontal

"They've reminded me how much fun music can be" - Oz, Local Musician

Full Frontal have been together now for just under a year and perform, to much acclaim, around the live music circuit in Cheltenham. It is not just the duo's comic and musical timing that has brought them the reputation they now enjoy, but also the intelligent and yet bawdy material that they perform. Combining their skills in performance with their love of comedy, Full Frontal brings a new dimension to musical comedy, moving away from the folk roots of many other acts.

As a band Full Frontal have only been working together for eleven months, but Murray and Steve have been working together for much of the past twelve years. The pair met at the Everyman Youth Theatre, where they worked together in several shows, before moving to the local arts college and obtaining HND's in Performing Arts. It was here that they started writing comedy songs, with Murray performing them at the acoustic nights run by Steve.

Since then the pair have worked together on a new set of material, this time taking some of the best of their original set and adding some up to date an innovative songs.


2004: Frog and Fiddle
Featured guests every Thursday and Friday night

The Office
Appeared at the new Open Mic Music Night

2003: BBC
Session artists for radio trainees

Frog and Fiddle Appeared at Open Mic night

Appeared at the Open Mic night