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Stuart Wilde

A 2007  Midlands Stands Up finalist, and winner of  the 2007 Funhouse Comedy Comic Relief Gong Show, Stuart has been performing on the stand-up circuit since 2005.

 A confident comic Stuart has compered the likes of Matt Blaze,, Nick Revell and Anthon King, as well as performing solid opening, middle and support slots.

 Gigging all over the country he does regular gigs for Mirth Control and Buzz Comedy, amongst others. He has also gigged in Berlin and Portugal.

He covers a wide range of topics including coping with OCD, an ex-girlfriend’s hair problem, smoking, pervy mothers and tips on how to get into the house when you're drunk without waking your partner. Oh, and there's also a story about an accident with a tub of cock-rub! (Now you're hooked eh??)..Oh, and there’s some clean stuff in there too…

If you think your comedy club is missing something, then it's probably a lanky, big eared, cocksmith from Lincoln (that'll be him then!)..

"A dry morose humour that was beautifully understated. He had a natural rapport with the crowd" - Stuart Dalziel - bbc.co.uk

 “Really funny” – Reckless Moments Comedy

"Awesome!  Timing is amazing" - Giggling Badger.

 “Excellent. Played the audience perfectly” – Des Sharples – Mirth on Monday

"Had a corker!" - John Cooper - Compere @ Giggle 'n' Funk, Manchester .

"Picked his material well. More importantly, he knew how to handle hecklers. Had the audience in good spirits"-  Newark Advertiser.

"Had some great stuff and loved the way he connected. Headliner stuff! Get his autograph now! He’s going to be a star!’" - Zak Turner – Hilarity House

 “Hilarious and empowering”-  Running Joke.

‘He’s too good too quick and it’s wrong I tells ya!’ - Anthony King – Comedian/Leicester Stands Up

 “An affable, laughable and commanding comic presence” – Steve Walker – King Knut Comedy.

 “Stuart confidently takes you into his world. A well worthy finalist of Midlands Stands Up” – Matt Hollins – Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2004

 "Among the highlights of the show were Stuart Wilde" -  Lincolnshire Echo

"Five days later, I'm still cracking up thinking about his Timmy Mallett gag" - Derby Evening Telegraph

"Commanding stage presence, with some great material. A breath of fresh air" - Mark Charlton - Leicester Mercury

 “I think he’s great….but don’t quote me on that.” – Gary Mawby – Comedian.

"He never visits me! He's a right cunt!" – Nora Wilde -Stuart's nan