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Briony Brosnan

Briony Brosnan captured her first audience within seconds, rounding up a few of her family members and barricading them in the living room, she performed her very first stand up gig, lamenting and giggling her way through ten minutes of material before her dad managed to move the coffee table from the door. Yes, it was an early start for Miss Brosnan who has grown from a precocious Princess to the saviour of all man kind, quite literally.

Her mission in life is to rescue men from the women who would like them imprisoned, or worse, castrated. You know the type, she’s angry, feels the world owes her something and thinks you are to blame, well relax kind sir (or liberal madam) because Briony is here to kick them back into line with her charming sense of humour, knowledge of the female mind and a magical thing called compromise.

Performing at local shows as a solo stand up performer, or in comedy sketches with others, Briony mixes intelligence with ability to mock with such charm in a way that means even the smartest person would take her sharpest criticism with a smile.

Often compared to comedians such as Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell in delivery, intellect and subject matter but with the youth, energy and enthusiasm often associated with Russell Howard, tied in with the eccentric personality of the likes of Noel Fielding, Briony is a strange mixture of all sorts of things, but one that goes down well with almost any audience. Oh, and she can hold a tune. Sometimes.