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Rick Hulse

Rick Hulse’s comedy style is brash and down-to-earth. Though the language can be raw, his insights into the world of, dieting, drugs, marriage, sex, middle-age and motorcycling never fail to entertain.

Having a philosophical view on just about any subject makes for an unpredictable evening whether Rick is performing a stand-up set or compering a whole show. His long involvement in the biking scene and his laid back Mancunian manner have made him a firm favourite in compering bikers parties and rallies.

Rick has been organising comedy gigs on and off the bike scene for more than 12 years and has worked with some phenomenally talented people in the hope that some it will rub off on him. He has recently become a regular in the Asylum gigs at The Frog & Bucket comedy club in Manchester.

Fifteen years as Chairman of The National Association for Bikers with a Disability, twelve years writing under such names as Professor Pierre O’Bollox, Mr Angry, M Phetamine and Shirley Crabtree, together with his natural ability to ‘take the piss’ out of all and sundry has served him well as the demand for his Bikers Stand-Up comedy shows has grown.

If you are looking for political correctness bring a microscope. Rick’s acerbic Mancunian wit bulldozes its way through life, the universe and everything (everything sex or alcohol related anyway).

TV & Radio:
Rick has featured on disability programmes including, Link (ITV), From the Edge (BBC 2), Does He Take Sugar (BBC Radio), Freak Out (Channel 4).
And motorcycle programmes including, Bikers Night Off (Granada Men & Motors), Two Wheels Better (Granada Men & Motors), Bikeshows UK (Granada Men & Motors), and the documentary ‘Disabled Bikers’ presented by Billy Connolly (Granada Men & Motors)..
They even bravely allowed him onto live TV on Test the Nation (BBC1), which had Philip Schofield shaking like a leaf.
“If you need a good comedian for your rally, just get Rick Hulse. He’s as funny as fuck!” - 100% Biker Magazine.
“Rick Hulse once again had the crowd in hysterics” - BSH Magazine.
“Rick Hulse from NABD was next on the floor with jokes and funny stories that had the room in fits of laughter” - Past Events.

“Despite the scary appearance, Rick Hulse proved to be an affable chap with a wry wit” - Manchester Evening News.