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Rob Deb

Rob Deb if a very funny comic. He talks about comics a lot.

you know the books with the pictures in them.That thing with the cape and the man dressed up as a mouse? or that guy with the hairy palms who walked up walls? oh never mind.

He also talks about his Mixed/race background, Irish mum and Indian Dad. Who he still lives with. at 30

In fact Rob deb is so funny he often makes the final of the hardest show in town, the Comedy store Gong show. and he does it with jokes, not on the ground that he's mad. Of has a strange sense of fashion.

At really big gigs he considersd wearing a caper, but that has yet to occur.

He performs his own one man show every monday called 'Krypton2clapham' and every wednesday as well from the 17th of May 2006.

he will be perofrming at the fringe in the Jeckyll and Hyde.

It is his debut show.

Furthermore he works on telly, he has worked on numerous cable shows and most notably as GMTV's Batman Consultant. Commissionar Gordan was busy with his neice Barbara that day.