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Josh Deegan

Josh Deegan is a relative newcomer to the stand-up scene, yet he has performed open spots at venues such as The Comedy Store, The Frog and Bucket and The Comedy Balloon.

Josh's stand-up is a product of the successful comedy coaching partnership of Agent & Writer Ashley Boroda and award-winning comedian and star of BBC Three's Ideal - Seymour Mace. With the help of these two, Josh was able to start doing gigs on the comedy circuit via their comedy course. Josh's first gig was at the end of this course in November 2009. 

Since then he has performed various spots at various different open-mic nights - to audiences that ranged from 12 people in a pub in Manchester to over 600 people as part of a local talent showcase. Since Josh has started, he has built up an array of material, and can now provide a strong middle 15 packed with observational gags and true to life stories - in a style similar to that of Jason Manford. The highlight of Josh's comedy career so far was a paid spot at A Laugh In Stockport, which to this day remains his favourite gig to play. 

Josh has gigged for and with many popular circuit comics - Joe Lycett, Steve Shanyaski, Lewis "Big Lou" Jones, Jay Hampson, John Cooper, Scott White, 80's Luke, Rich Wall, Des Sharples and Larry Dean. 

Josh is currently studying for a degree in Comedy Writing and Performance at Salford University


"I thought you had some really good gags. You looked very confident, and had good stage presence. Keep at it" - Jason Manford (December 2011 @ Salford University)

"If Josh carries on with what he is doing, he has the potential to be a big name on the circuit" - Seymour Mace (November 2009)

"He has excellent timing, and his material is very good. Has the audience right where he wants them, and delivers the laughs" - John Cooper (November 2011)