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Terry McHugh

33 year old North Belfast Comedian, Terry McHugh is the owner of 3 tiny people, 1 dog and 1 cat. He doesn't really care much for the cat but the kids like it so it gets to stay.......for now.

Terry made his comedy debut in December 2011 and his quick delivery and instant likability has made him a hit with audiences throughout Ireland and the UK. There's no gimmicks or “out there” antics with Terry just a natural talent for hilarious story telling. This talent was quickly picked up upon and within 6 months of his stage debut as a 7 minute open spot Terry was regularly headlining across Northern Ireland and being chosen as warm up for some of the North's biggest names including BBC One NI's Blame Game regulars Colin Murphy and Jake O'Kane. Give My Head Peace star Tim McGarry and BBC NI's “Monumental” panelist Micky Bartlett.

Terry has also won Frogs and King Gongs on first attempts and delighted audiences at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival and his first solo show My Other Car is a DeLorean has sold out across Ireland and his second show Reservoir Dad is proving to be even more successful.

Terry is also the Irish YoYo Champion. Yes you read that correctly........The Irish YoYo Champion.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXlCnIkqGcE