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Zahra Barri

Zahra hit the stand up scene in February 2011 and has since been a 2013 Bath New Act of The Year Finalist, a Funny Woman (in association with Company Magazine) Finalist, Laughing Horse New Act at Brighton Fringe Finalist, Comedy Cafe New Act 2012 Finalist, beaten 'The Frog' at The Frog and Bucket and reached the Semi Finals of The Picadilly New Act of The Year Competition.

She has also gigged with Gail Porter and supported notorious 'Best Seller' and International Drug Baron (!) Howard Marks.

She has opened for Tiffany Stevenson, Dana Alexander and Kate Smurthwaite.

Also an actor, she has featured in Radio 4 comedies and the Radio 4 'Poetry Please Show'.

She was a Finalist in The BBC Norman Beaton Fellowship Award For Radio Drama in 2010 and believes she has a face for radio.

So much so that she hosts a weekly Radio Show called 'The She Must Be Joking Show'. The show is a comedy fuelled, topical talk show, mainly poking fun at celebrity and entertainment news.

'Zahra Barri who is Irish/Egyptian: a combination which makes stand-up comedy an almost unavoidable career choice, and had some unexpected Muslim viewpoints on blind dates and bikini waxing, and a terrific gag about the similarity between stand-up comedy and terrorism' Venue Magazine

'Zahra Barri, a cool Rita Rudner...' Alan Nixon Channel 5 Head Of Comedy and Entertainment and Director of Absolutely Productions

'Great. Being half-Irish half-Egyptian, Zahra was able to talk about life as a Muslim woman in countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, plus be very funny. You just know she is going to be big soon.' Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club

'A genuine airhead' Christian Riou 400 Television

'Not as bad as I had feared!' Cate Doonegoold, BBC

'She gets less attractive the more she speaks' Comedian who would like to remain nameless

'Much of her material stemmed from her half-Egyptian and half-Irish background, as well as incorporating some well-received anti-establishment jokes, and her somewhat self-deprecatory style went down well.' Review of What The Frock Comedy Night Inter:Mission