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Charlie Chuck

An indescribable treat - Scotland on Sunday

Charlie Chuck is a real genius lunatic - Loaded

He lives on a farm with One Eyed Dog, a Cakey Pig and a Donkey! Welcome to the fantastic world of Charlie Chuck.

Charlie Chuck's act and catchphrases are legendary after stints on Vic & Bob's 'The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer' as Uncle Peter, and The James Whale Radio & TV Show's. A manic and sometimes bewildering stage presence make him one of the most remarkable performers working the circuit, with an array of one liners, catchphrases and mannerisms that defy belief.

He was most recently seen on TV advertising Double Decker chocolate bars for Cadbury's in a rehash of his 'Cup-o-tea' routine.

A cult following that's not confined to the UK means Charlie Chuck always draws a crowd wherever he performs. He has even performed especially at a birthday party for Sir Paul McCartney.

'Chuck takes absurd to new height's' - ES Magazine

'Charlie Chuck won't hurt you, he's great' - Paul McCartney

'Reeves & Mortimer! I don't understand it but that's OK, I'm back on Cakey Pig!' Tori Amos when asked about her favourite TV Show.

'Known to make people heady with delight' - Time Out