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Pesha-Lily is fairly brand new on the Comedy Scene. But don't let that you put off. In her short 7 months on the Circuit she has secured over 40gigs, won a gong, opened the Bradford Gong and recently become a Comedy Hat New Act Of the Year Finalist.

Pesha-Lily has a huge stage presence, she throws passion into her routine with big voice that she is not afraid to use. She connects and interacts with audience as if she was chatting to a good friend.

In her Act Pesha-Lily explores the ideas behind Image and the impact the media has on people and how it distorts their idea of an ideal image. She mocks the very idea of image with Visual gags, gross one liners and unimaginably dark stories designed to repulse and cripple an audience with laughter.


"Pesha-Lily has a sensational comedic abilty to make a room full of people ache with a rash so contiguous itches for days after. Watch this space!" WozzonComedyStore

"Pesha-Lily is a meadow dedicated to the concept of the individual" ALTCOM

"Pesha-Lily is already fluent in the language of stand-up comedy and has the stage craft of someone with many more years experience.Strong relatable material with a high gags per minute ratio. Book her while you can!' YorkshireComedy.com

Comedy Hat Heats
Birdy's Comedy Campervan
Bradford Gong (Opener)
Wozzon Comedy Store
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