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Ted Shiress

Ted Shiress is a seasoned Cardiff-based comedian with just enough patience to write sharp material and not much else. Having moderate Cerebral Palsy it is clear that he is frustrated; frustrated at being regularly mistaken for someone with learning difficulties, frustrated at finding stairs wherever he goes and frustrated at finding sex nowhere he goes. Luckily for you his speech impairment forces him to convert his vitriol into a series of very sharp and honed gags. His approach to writing is 'it takes me 50% longer to get to the punchline than the average comic, therefore I have to make my material 75% more concise".

And luckily for you, public transport is far too inaccessible for Ted to ever utter the phrase '...and then I got off the bus'.

Some people have tried being nice to him, and here's a selection of who they are and what they have said:

"Funny as f**k!" Lee Sigerson, Cardiff Glee Club manager.

"A very funny man" Richard Herring

"Ted Shiress is a very funny up and coming comic who is unique in both presence and attitude. He's a sharp writer and a strong performer with an ability to ad lib and really suit the mood of the audience, who
whenever I have seen him, have always laughed a lot and enjoyed his company." Matt Price

"One of the most promising and original new acts I've seen" Wil Hodgson

"A very, very funny bastard" Paul James

And this appeared one Sunday in the national paper calling him 'a rising star of Welsh comedy' http://www.walesonline.co.uk/lifestyle/showbiz/meet-ted-shiress-welsh-comic-2948140

That could well be bullsh*t but why not book him just to be sure?

Once finalist and twice semi-finalist in The Welsh Unsigned Stand-up Award
Once Laughing Horse Quarter Finalist
Once joint-winner of a Hilarious gong show
and more often than not, winner of 'Funniest person living in his flat... for one'