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Peter Antoniou

Peter Antoniou is a mind reader. It’s just that simple. He has a unique set of skills and gifts that allow him to read your thoughts, pre-empt decisions you will make, and influence your thought processes. 

Since an early revelation that he was able to sneak into people’s minds and steal  their thoughts (much like a mind ninja) Peter has dedicated his life to demonstrating these  remarkable abilities. Using these amazing skills, his quick wit and background in improvised comedy, Peter quickly became an underground sensation in and around London. He now presents his own unique demonstrations around the country for sell-out theatre audiences and blue chip companies events. Peter has performed for Southern Comfort and Kerrang! as well performing his  one-man show, Thought Thief, in London’s West End at ‘The Leicester Square Theatre’. Peter is currently developing several Mind Reading Projects for television.

What People Have Said: 
“People were talking about Peter’s performance for weeks after” -- Southern Comfort 

“This man is Penon-mentally Good” -- Kerrang! 

“I’m still mystified... Mind Boggling. Four Stars” -- Three Weeks

“Peter Antoniou is without a doubt the most promising young illusionist and Mind Reader I have seen in fifteen years in the business” --Sweet Entertainments

“Exceptional... His observational wit is as good as any stand-up” --Forge Press 

“Very entertaining and constantly surprising” -- Sure Radio 

“He was a major part of the event’s overall success” --Sheffield RAG 

Theatre Credits: 
Montgomery Theatre - Variety Show 
Leicester Square Theatre - One man show 
Et cetera Theatre - One man Show 
Rosemary Branch Theatre - One man show