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Adam Howe

Adam started standing up and telling stories (as opposed to sitting in pubs and telling stories) at the beginning of 2002. The catalyst was, most definitely, the fact he met a man who had played an ewok. He didn't believe the man had been an ewok, although he couldn't dispute he had ewokian stature. The man was about three foot eight (about because he never told Adam his exact height, and Adam had the decency not to measure him).

Adam won the King Gong in September 2002 without ever once referring to his having worked with an ewok. This lead to an open spot at The Comedy Store, which itself lead to another one.

Adam has a 20 to 30 minute set that can -if required- feature talk of ewoks, growth hormones and things being tucked into socks and likened to varicose veins.

Adam has no TV appearances (at least none that he is aware of) although his picture did once appear in the Ruislip and Northwood Gazette.

"Excellent" Ian Stone

"Like a young Max Bygraves" Tim Vine

"Last months Gong Show must have been crap " John Fothergil

"The audience like you " Geoff Whiting

"You worked with an ewok!!! " Dominic Frisby