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Rick Right

The Rock & Roll Comic still rocks on! Rick Right is still a major presence on the US (and now the world!) comedy scene after a decade, somply because no one else does what he does, and until someone comes along to challenge, Rick stands in a class by himself. And as long as the Pop Music biz continues to manufacture its stars based on how good they look in a video, Rick will continue to be there to point up the hypcrisies. No artist who has ever charted, good or bad, is safe from Rick's barbs.

More than Rick's sardonic wit and ever-so-subtle sarcasm is the fact that Rick knows the music so well that on a mere suggestion he can sing and play any song that was a major hit over the last 40+ years, even if he has never played it before. Coincidentally, Rick has material in his backlog to comedically cover virtually every artist that an audience member may request, so that it's more than just a "Human Jukebox" type of act. Rick probably knows about 10,000 songs and is nightly challenged to show how much he does know! The "Stump The Band" segment was originally supposed to be a filler for when he had to do over an hour of stage time. Some years later, that "filler" has sometimes been an hour-long set of its own! This is
definitely not your typical "guitar comic" act.

Rick is also flexible in his musical repertoire. He calls himself "The Rock And Roll Comic", but he's just as well versed in COuntry, R & B, Disco, Rap, even Jazz and Classical, if neccessary. With that many diverse styles under his belt, there is almost no audience that Rick can't hit a responsive chord with. Catering to crowds' musical tastes is Rick's own unique way of talking with theaudience, so that he has never once had to utter the phrase, "Where you from?"

Now that he has entertained in such worldwide locales as Korea, Japan, Australia and England, the rest of the world is beginning to discover one of American comedy's best-kept secrets. Rick Right is rockin' the world, and he's ready to rock your world as well!